Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Homeowners Association?
Homeowners Association (HOA) is a generic term used to describe residential developments in which each owner is bound to a real estate organization by a set of governing documents that require adherence to a set of rules and the payment of assessments. These developments are also known as Common Interest Communities. The money collected in assessments is used for the operation of the Association. Membership is automatic when a unit is purchased. HOAs are not voluntary organizations.
How does a Homeowners Association Operate?
Some people call Homeowners Associations the most representative and responsive form of democracy found in America today. Residents of a community freely elect their neighbors to serve on the Board of Directors of the community. Numerous other owners serve on committees to help with special tasks as they arise. These are volunteer leaders who meet regularly to discuss pertinent details about running their community. The process is comparable to a town council meeting.
What are the Advantages of Living in a Homeowners Association?
There are many advantages. The community usually features attractive combinations of well-designed homes, condominiums, townhomes, high rises and landscaped open spaces. These homes may even cost less than traditional housing due to more efficient use of land; parks, pools and other amenities, are often too expensive for you to own alone. Also, as an Association member, you will have a voice in the Association's decisions, especially if you become involved as a member of the Board of Directors.
How does 5 STR MGT, LLC (5 Star Management ), the management company, handle issues?
This should be handled in writing. You can do this by regular mail to 5 STR MGT, 8871 W. Flamingo Rd., Ste 202, Las Vegas, NV 89147.  If you wish, you may also fax your complaint to our office at (702) 943-0982. Please be sure that your complaint has the name of the Association, states the problem clearly, identifies the offending homeowner, and includes the date(s) of the offense(s). All complaints are kept in the strictest confidence.
Why can’t I get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of my Board of Directors? Don’t they work for me?
Your Board of Directors makes decisions for your Association; however, they volunteer for these positions and receive no money for the jobs that they perform. 5STRMGT represents the Board and your Association, which entails being a contact for all communications addressed to the Board. Also, legally we are not allowed to give out personal information of any homeowner, including your Board of Directors. However, we can pass along a request from a homeowner asking that a Board member contact them.
How do I dispute a fine?
Place your concerns in writing and send your request to our office and it  will be forwarded to be reviewed by the Board of Directors or you can attend a board meeting. You will receive a response within 10-14 days after the board reaches a decision, which is accomplished in a monthly or quarterly Executive Board Session.
How do I request a hearing in front of the Board of Directors?
Place your request in writing and 5STRMGT will submit your request to the Board; you will be scheduled and will receive notice of the date, time and place of your hearing, which is normally at the next Board meeting. You will have the opportunity to speak privately with the Board during your scheduled hearing time.
I’d like to start external projects on my home, such as installing desert landscaping, building a shed, etc. Are there any requirements/guidelines?
Any exterior modifications or additions to your home or any structural changes must have prior written approval from your Architectural Review Committee or Board of Directors. You can download an application from our website.  Please note that you should not schedule any construction work or purchase any equipment until written approval has been received.
How long does it take for an Architectural Form to be approved?
Depending on your governing documents, it can take 30 to 45 days upon receipt by the Board or Committee.
How do I change my mailing address?
Your change of address must be in writing and signed by the owner of the property. You can either e-mail, fax, go online through our website or send it via regular mail to the attention of the Accounting Department.
How can I obtain a gate key, gate card, remote or pool key? Who do I contact if I want to update my personal/gate information?
Homeowners need to submit their request in writing or can call 702-943-0981 and speak with a member of the Management team assigned to your account. A form may need to be completed, and you will be advised of the procedure for your community.
Can I use my cell phone for the gate?
Most directories can use cell phones but sometimes you may need to be on the property to invite your guests in. Long distance numbers are not compatible with most of the systems.
How can I rent the clubhouse? Is there a deposit? Is it refundable?
You can rent the clubhouse by contacting a member of your Management team and filling out the necessary forms. Yes, there is a deposit that varies with the different communities; the deposit is refundable, providing there is no damage and everything is left the way it was.
What steps do I need to follow if I want a family member or property management company to call and find out information about my account?
Your request must be in writing and signed by the owner of the property. Please list the individuals who have permission to act on your behalf. You can e-mail, fax, or send it via regular mail to the attention of the Accounting Department.
Courtesy of Community Associations Institute
I have sold my home and am still receiving correspondence. Why?
Generally, when selling your home, it is a good idea to inform the title company that you are part of a Homeowners Association and give them our name and address. If you are still receiving correspondence, this is an indicator that we have not received the information necessary to change your account information to the new owner - we get this information from the Title Company. Please contact info@5strmgt.com if it has been over one month since you have sold your home and are still receiving statements.
Where do I send my payment if I am using on-line banking or a third party company?
If you are using on-line banking or any other third-party payment facility, you send your payment to the same address as supplied on your coupon: Name of Association, c/o 5 STAR MANAGEMENT PROCESSING CENTER, PO BOX 94224, Las Vegas, NV 89193-4224. Please make sure your account # is on your check.
How do Automatic Payments work?
Payments will be taken out of your bank account between the 5th and the 10th of each month. Because of the large amount of homeowners currently enrolled, we are unable to vary the date. If you are in a quarterly, semi-annual or annual association, the funds will be taken the month that assessments are due. To cancel: you must provide written documentation that you want to cancel autopay - even if you sell your home. It is impossible for us to keep track of sales throughout each community.
If I have lost the copy of the Association documents I received at my closing, how do I obtain another copy?
All requests for documents, resale certificates can be purchased online at our website www.5strmgt.com .